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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is delivery or set up included in the price?
The cost quoted on the website is for dry hire only. We are more than happy to deliver, setup and/or operate the sound equipment but this will be at extra cost, please get in touch for a quote.

2. Is VAT included in the price?
We are not VAT registered, so do not charge VAT on any of our equipment or services.

3. I want to hire a sound system for my party but don't know how to set it up, is it difficult?
Not at all, you only have plug in a few cables and we will show you how to do all this when you pick up the speakers.

4. I want to hire a full band PA, but don't know how to set it up, is it difficult?
A full band PA is more complex than a party or disco sound system. If you don't know what you are doing it is highly reccomended that you hire a sound engineer who will also deliver and set up the equipment for you.

5. I just want to hire a sound engineer to operate my equipment, can you do that?
Yes we can arrange sound engineers and crew if needed.

6. Is your business model based on 'Faulty Towers'?
A. Nope! All equipment is maintained and checked before it goes out on a gig. We can also troubleshoot most problems over the phone, so if something doesn't sound right, dont be afraid to call us.

7. What is a PA system?
A PA system is the complete set of equipment needed to amplify sound, this usually includes microphones, cables, mixing desk, amplifiers and speakers. It amplifies the sound source to allow a person to be heard at a meeting, a singer to be heard over a drum kit, announcements to be made at public events or to play music over from an Ipod or laptop at a disco. These are commonly used at meetings, corperate events, conferences, weddings, gigs, theatres, pubs, resturants and sports days.

8. Are your PA systems loud?
All of our PA systems are loud enough for their purpose, a DJ would want a PA system with a lot louder bass than would be needed for a speaker at a conference, please get in contact with us if you want to chat about what kind of loud you need.

9. If I hire twice as many speakers will it be twice as loud?
Short answer, no. Sound is measured in the decibel (db) system which is logarithmic. An increase of 10db means an increase of 10x the power, but our ears only percive 10db as being twice as loud, so if you hire twice as many speakers you would only get an overall increase of 3db which is double the power, but not double the loudness. You would however gain an extra 3db in the low end (bass) of the speakers (so 6db in total), but only if they are placed close to eachother because of an effect called coupling (where the bass wave is reinforced by both speakers) howerver this also means that unless you are careful the high frequences can have phase issues (where the sound waves cancel eachother out at certain frequencies).